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Live And Breathe Our Job

Not having access to the right employees is like not having access to the internet, you know what you want but you just can’t connect. Let Yellow Bricks be the bridge to your recruiting conundrums.

We know you have important work to do in this evolving market and taking your eye of the ball could mean giving a competitor the edge. Tell us your requirements and we will pipeline suitable candidates ready to live life in your fast lane.



With new laws and regulations being introduced all the time it is our duty to keep you in the loop. Serve and protect.

Time is Money

We know how busy you are, give us the brief and we will run with it, we will come back to you when we say we will and hope you will too. We are entering a candidate driven market, there is a need to act fast to secure top talent.


Yellow Bricks take time to source and represent the strongest candidates on the market, we want to get to know the people who we put in front of you, there’s a saying at our place, ‘treat people as you wish to be treated’

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