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You are busy creating a great brand for your customers, a strong culture for your talented team and a progressive plan that will drive future growth. You are on a trajectory of success. To continue the path, you need to attract and hire superior talent to achieve your goals, the talent you already have is not quite ready for the leap, it's why you're here, you have to source a recruitment partner to build a pipeline of credible, diverse and engaged talent.

Our highly experienced search experts are passionate about making quality hires, we love to work with brands who value the candidate journey and people growth. When you work exclusively with us, you unlock our network of talented and trusted professionals from relationships we have nurtured over many years. We represent those who are not actively in the market, those you didn't think you could entice over and those who will help you to achieve the success you require. When you work with us we guarantee a wide selection of credible, engaged people who want to accept your offers, join your brand and align with your long term goals.











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97% Hiring Manager Satisfaction
Interim Hire 3 Days
Permanent Hire 16 Days
96% Offers Accepted

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Abby is a top class recruiter, with off the charts emotional intelligence. You get the feeling that she doesn't try to offer you a role unless you're a good fit for the role and the organisation.


Yellow Bricks made many of our key hires with the US and EMEA Marketing team, the profiles they provided us were of superior quality, we had a hard job making decisions.


Lauren helped me to get a role at a leading organisation where I could get the exposure and career growth I wanted, she helped me through the process and I was so happy when the offer came through.


The Yellow Bricks

Our small, quality team are dedicated to providing high-end results. We will hire leaders who will fit your goals, drive growth, engagement, and resilience. Our people stay because we hire well, with experience and the future in mind.
We will give you access to our network of:
Executive Coaches
Legal Teams
HR Thought Leaders

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People. Culture. Growth.


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People. Culture. Growth.
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