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The Benefits to Hiring a Temp or Contractor

  • Helina Robbins
  • December 6th, 2021

You have big ideas 💡

However, these ideas come with the need for an increased level of niche skill or time that your employees may not have.

What can you do?

Hire a temporary worker or an interim contractor 💼


What is a temporary worker or interim contractor?

An interim contractor is someone who can offer their expertise for your business on a flexible basis. There are many benefits to hiring contractors. They are people who are highly skilled and will bill you for their time to complete a specific project. Contractors should also understand and agree whether their work falls inside or outside IR35 to ensure they are making the correct tax payments to HMRC.


A temporary worker is PAYE employed by a Recruitment Agency and is paid the same salary as other members of the team that they work within. They will come and work at your business for an agreed length of time and the agency will manage the payroll of the employee and bill you on a weekly or monthly basis. The worker receives holiday pay, pension, and is able to join bonus schemes related to personal effort should the company run them.


Why should you hire interim contractors? 💼 

There are many benefits to hiring temporary workers or interim contractors.

They can:

Offer niche skills

  • There may be one part of a project that requires a high level of a particular skill.
  • An interim contractor can offer niche skills that will help get the job done.


Be available at shorter notice

  •  They can be hired and start working within days.
  •  Interim contractors can be hired at shorter notice than permanent employees.
  • This allows you to have your task completed sooner rather than later.


Offer quicker turnaround time

  • Your contractor’s complete focus and attention will be on your project.
  • This will see them produce work in a fast turnaround period.


Help you respond to varying workloads

  • Depending on your business and industry, some weeks may be busier than others.
  • Interim contractors will be there when work gets busy, but will happily divert their attention elsewhere when their expertise is no longer required.
  • Should the project come to an end, the booking/assignment/contract can end very quickly.


Take the pressure off your permanent employees

  • Hiring additional help at certain points can ease the strain on your employees and allow them to stay focused on their main role within your business.



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