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Should employers be marching their employees back to the office? 

  • Abby Robbins
  • October 7th, 2021


Just a few years ago, it was a luxury to work from home. A lot of bosses were sceptical, and employees faced a losing battle to get more than a few days working from home. Since the arrival of Covid19, it has become the standard way of working for desk-based jobs. It’s no wonder that lots of people enjoy this flexibility to get their work done at home but for others, it is starting to take its toll which is dividing the workforce and bosses alike.

Our clients regularly tell us about the mounting pressure from the top to bring people back to work and ask us what it is that our candidates are mentioning as a way to entice them back to the office in 2021.

Here are some of the most popular reasons to be in the office gathered in our 2021 survey

Chatting over a coffee or lunch at the office 🍉

Collaboration in person 💡

In the moment learning & development 🧠

To feel safe within a strong culture 🥰

Making home a home again not a ‘hoffice’ 🏡


Some of us are lucky to have beautiful offices, fancy giving them another chance? I know why people love WFH, but what do YOU like about working at the office? Can you be convinced to come back?

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