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How to give your CV the edge

  • Abby Robbins
  • October 7th, 2020

How do I stand out in a sea of applications?

Finding a new job requires a large amount of time and dedication as does writing a CV. We spend a lot of our time at work, so securing a job carrying out important tasks that you enjoy alongside people that you like collaborating with at a salary that fits with your lifestyle is important. Then we must consider the commute, the hours, the benefits, the industry and prospects, the list goes on.

When you spot a new role pop up online, it’s easy to get carried away and let that trigger finger click the apply button without giving much thought, so what you might think, I have clicked the apply button thirty times already this week and not heard a thing in response. How to write a CV and understanding what a CV should look like is an important part of being considered for the job, spend time to get it right, your future self will thank you.

We offer some tips on what should you be considering before clicking the apply button.


  • Does my CV tell the reader that I match the skills required in the job description?
  • Can I get to the location of the job? We might be working from home now but it might not be forever.
  • Do the working hours fit with my life?
  • Is the salary agreeable, if it’s not listed could you mention your required package value?
  • Do I have any unexplained gaps on my CV?
  • Do I have industry knowledge relating to this role, could I include this?
  • Does my profile text demonstrate that this is the job I am looking for?
  • If academic qualifications are required, does my CV or resume clearly show I have these?
  • Have I listed out all of the software I can use well?
  • Is my CV easy to read, have I used bullet points?
  • Have I removed jargon words that only readers from that company would understand?
  • Am I slightly overqualified or under-qualified, have I acknowledged this?
  • In the about me, area have I mentioned something I have achieved, actually like doing or just generic hobbies?


When receiving a CV application for a specific job role, the recruiter could be tasked to shortlist the CVs with the most relevant experience, aspirations, location, salary reach, or consistency. When reading your CV back, could your career history mean you are misunderstood? If so, face it head-on and explain what happened, it really could be the difference between getting an interview or a rejection.


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