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Predictions for Hiring and the Workplace in 2022

  • Helina Robbins
  • December 22nd, 2021

With 2022 fast approaching, we anticipate how hiring and the workplace will continue to evolve following the effects of a global pandemic and a shift in the way we work 💻


Here are some of our workplace predictions for 2022:


📈 Strategy will be high on the agenda. With the way in which we work having dramatically changed, there will be overhauls in general work policy and best practise to ensure that tasks can be completed in a way that supports the business needs.


🧠 Well-being in the workplace will continue to be a hot topic since we have all had time to reassess how and where we work. For many companies, there will be a shift towards managing employees’ expectations of achieving a healthy work-life balance. We think that people will be focused on offering tools and guidance around developing a well-being offering that suits all parties.


🏠 Hybrid & Remote working are here to stay. People began to return to the office in 2021 with 2 days in the office being the average requirement before new lockdown measures were brought in. People have enjoyed the hybrid model and cite it allows them to carry out their role with more flexibility, bringing the best of both feelings to their job.


💬 Coaching will become critical – In 2021 we had just about got used to full remote working and there was little time to prepare in 2020, so the cracks started to appear in 2021. Managers will need support to guide them in coaching their teams to maintain wellbeing, productivity, and satisfaction.


🚶‍♀️ The knock-on of the Great Resignation will become evident. With some whole teams full of brand new people, the learning curve will be steep and strong training plans will be required to maintain the business needs whilst ensuring the people are fulfilled and not overwhelmed. Salaries will continue to rise in the war for talent which could see the Great Resignation circle again and again.


What are some of your predictions for the workplace and hiring market in 2022? Let us know your thoughts.


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