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Has the Great Resignation only just begun?

  • Abby Robbins
  • November 24th, 2021

How making changes could save your people


Is the regular news of The Great Resignation starting to break our psychological contract? Do our people really believe the grass is greener on the other side and what can we do to acknowledge where we might have got some things wrong?

Imagine you are dating someone who you quite like but rarely see as the journey to meet up is complex and you are both busy. They ask how you are, but you feel as though they do not want to hear the real answer. They sometimes send flowers or make the long trip to see you which does remind you that you like them but after the flowers have passed their best and a few weeks have gone by, you start to wonder if this is fulfilling or if you actually deserve more?

Our colleagues are considering dumping us because the fun has gone, the work has become transactional, they feel taken for granted, overworked and susceptible to leaving. I know this because I hear it every day.

So, what can Managers be doing to keep their people feeling content in their work-life?

Managers have a difficult role, they have to carry out their day jobs as well as look after people of all abilities, mindsets, personalities and needs. To really be able to connect with our people it is critical that we develop a deeper level of empathy for our colleagues. We must understand the journey that they are facing with genuine compassion and determination to make improvements no matter how small. Raising our hands to times where we might have got it wrong and sharing information that our people deserve to know is an important start.


When our managers stop relying on broad employee surveys and take the time to truly understand their people real progress will be made. People want to feel a sense of purpose for the work that they carry out, unified by the job that they do, paid a competitive wage, working with like-minded colleagues/friends and appreciated for the experience they offer. In response to the Great Resignation, management coaching and development should be high on the agenda. Not just to retain team members, but to also help Managers feel content in their roles and do their best work.

In 2022, the Great Resignation will get a whole lot worse for many companies, the time to act is now.


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Statistic image is taken from McKinsey

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