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The Metaverse

  • Helina Robbins
  • November 5th, 2021

The internet, as we know it, is a 2D world in which a range of information and entertainment is instantly accessible. Despite these extraordinary capabilities, the tech world seeks further growth and expansion. The focus has turned towards creating:


‘The Metaverse’ 🌍

The Metaverse would allow for a more immersive digital experience by turning the internet from a 2D to 3D space. Through the power of virtual reality, individuals would be able to ‘work, live, and play’ within these digital environments by appearing as an avatar.

For example, this would include:

  • Work Meetings 💼 – Sitting around a table with your colleagues for discussions.
  • Socialising 💬 – Meeting and interacting with others
  • Shopping 🛒 – Virtually trying on clothes before making purchases
  • Travel ✈️ – Using maps to access locations you can virtually explore
  • Events 🎙️ – Virtually attending music concerts or art exhibitions


Moving ahead with the Metaverse

Zuckerberg’s Facebook acquired Oculus, who create virtual reality products, for £1.46 billion. In 2019, Oculus’ VR headsets were front and centre of the “Facebook Horizons” launch, which enabled individuals to meet within a virtual social environment as an avatar.

In fact, just recently on October 28th 2021, Facebook officially changed their corporate name to ‘Meta’ and are hiring an additional 10,000 people to work on developing the Metaverse, meaning changes may be happening sooner than we think.


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